About Us



 My three younger siblings, Liam, Eva, Jack and I, Maia Campbell, were used to seeing our parents, especially our mom, lead community events and volunteer activities, despite their busy work schedule,  but it wasn’t until the Summer of 2018 when we realized what it really meant. Hurricane Florence had viciously struck the North Carolina coast and many people were displaced and being sheltered to inland NC cities like Charlotte.  We remember asking our mom, “What can we do to help?” every time we saw her raise her hand to assist especially at the Red Cross that summer.  That’s when the four of us decided we wanted to start getting involved in giving back too because we realized our fulfilled it made them feel to help others in need. Kidz That Care is where kids can learn about different ways to help and volunteer in their communities, lead projects to raise awareness of causes they care about, and also share information about community events and activities.



Kidz That Care can help kids learn how to be not only volunteers, but also community leaders by encouraging them to lead initiatives and events in their towns on issues and causes they care about the most. 



We believe that passion, empathy and hard work can make anything possible! Kidz That Care helps children raise awareness about causes they feel passionate about whether it's anti bullying, helping the homeless, education, health, animal cruelty or any other topic they want to want to be involved in.